Killing Anxiety/Panic/Depression

Many of you may know that I struggle with what’s called “Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” I shared about it in our video for “Fail Us Not” (see here) and I know that many of you out there struggle with similar things (anxiety, panic, depression, whatever). I’ve gotten many emails over the years asking how I deal with this as a follower of Christ. Having dealt with it for about 9 years, I thought I’d share a few “keys to victory” I’ve learned along the way. If you struggle with anything like this, this blog is dedicated to you…

We, as human beings are made in the image of God. Throughout history, Christian thinkers have seen us as being made up of 3 separate but intertwined parts: physical man, emotional man, and spiritual man. What this means is that there’s really 3 areas of life that I try to be as healthy as possible in. I want redemption from God in all 3 of those areas. Anxiety/Panic/Depression/whatever could reside in any or all 3 of these areas. What I mean is this:

1) Physical: You may have a chemical imbalance in your brain where your body is releasing too much or too little serotonin, which causes the “fight or flight” symptom to happen in us. Too much serotonin means anxiety; too little means depression. My whole family deals with anxiety on some level, and I believe some of this is due to a physical thing passed along through the lines.

2) Emotional: We have all gone through pretty tough stuff I’m sure. Quite possible, you may have some emotional stuff that’s unresolved which is under the surface. Your body’s natural response to these issues may in fact be anxiety/panic/depression. I have had to work through emotional stuff (read: counseling and meditation) because I’ve had some issues in my life too.

3) Spiritual: You may be under attack from the Enemy. I believe that the Devil’s agenda is to “kill, steal, and destroy.” Jesus’ agenda is to “bring LIFE, that we may experience it in the fullest!” Remember, God is bigger than the enemy; the light outshines the darkness; good has the victory over evil.

For me, I believe that all 3 factors come into play. For you, I’m not sure. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. The way you handle it (in my experience) is you attack it from every angle. The BEST wisdom I got about anxiety was “if there was a snake in my house, I wouldn’t care HOW I got it out, I’d just want it out.” The same applies to stuff like this. SO, what this may look like is:

1) Physical: Work out. Eat healthy. Cut back on caffeine. Go see a doctor and see what he/she says. I am on 20mg of Lexapro everyday. This helps me a ton. Don’t be too proud to talk to a doctor. Meds can and do help many people.

2) Emotional: Go talk to a counselor if you aren’t. I see a counselor from time to time. I think everyone should do this now and again. Everyone. Having folks listen to us who are trained listeners is a blessing. Again, pride has hurt so many folks who won’t go see a counselor…..

3) Spiritual: Have folks you trust pray over you. Worship God. Seek Him and ask for healing. Repent of areas you may have given over to the Enemy. God loves us and is for us. I’ve often found that UNFORGIVENESS is a key area that can be a huge stronghold in our lives. Ask God if there’s anyone you may need to forgive. Maybe He’s already showing you in dreams, circumstances, etc…

God has and is walking me through the valley of anxiety. I will be here for you if you want to talk about it, but I would totally recommend talking with: doctor, counselor, pastor. Anxiety is NOT the victor in your life, Jesus is. Remember that. Hope this helps.

I wish you God’s best. Keep in touch and please let others know about if you think it would help them!

Your friend,
1000 Generations


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