Prayer Request For a Friend

During my sophomore year of college, I lost my voice for about 7 months because I had developed what is called “vocal nodes.” Basically, nodes are calluses on your vocal cords because of overuse/misuse/all the above. It was awful and I really spent quite a bit of time struggling with my identity and emotions (not being able to speak sort of makes you feel “locked in”). On the positive side, I did recover and quickly learned that I was not meant to be in a “scream-o” band (yes, something I was actually trying to do). 🙂

I have a dear friend named Traci who has been battling issues with her voice for some time now. She has scar tissue that keeps building up in her throat which causes her to be unable to speak and sometimes she even has difficulty breathing. She went into the ER the other day because of the situation and the doctors are considering removing her vocal cords altogether if something doesn’t change.

Would you join with me and pray for God to bring about complete restoration to her voice? Feel free to pass onto any prayer warriors you may know as well. I believe God is bigger than this situation and sees her. Many thanks…

Merry Christmas!


Bigger Than the Battle

Sometimes we desperately need to be reminded that God is, in fact, much bigger than the obstacles we face. I wanted to share an encouraging email with you not to pat myself on the back, but to share that we all face trials, and God sees us in our trials. We do not walk alone. This email came to us last week…

Dear 1000 Generations,

I am a mother of 3 young children in California, a library teacher at a Christian elementary school, and one of God’s children by His grace since the age of 16. Four months ago I discovered that my Christian husband of 21 years was carrying on an affair (for 13 months) with an old girlfriend. His remorseless response to my discovery has been as painful as the discovery itself. The dynamics of our relationship are clear to me, now that I have been in solid Christian counseling since finding out.

The painful reality of our marriage, and how sick it is, seems larger than anything I’ve ever faced. I am in a place of great tension…desperately wanting to have an intact family and home, and also wanting to get as far away as possible from the man who has betrayed and disrespected me for many years. Jesus knows my heart, both the parts that trust in His plan prevailing (Prov. 19:21) and the parts that are bitter and want to never be near my husband again. Ironically, I first heard your song, Fail Us Not, ten days before my husband’s affair started, in July 2009. I just need to tell you how infused with the Spirit it has been in my life.

I have been greatly discouraged during our marriage counseling, feeling that things will never improve for us. Yet last night I listened to Fail Us Not again. At 1:30 in the morning, I grabbed a photograph of our family of five, and held it up to the heavens while I sang your song with tears. I know that Satan would love to destroy us, love to use anger, distrust, lovelessness, disrespect, deceit and adultery to rip our family apart. Yet I truly had a “burning bush” experience last night while listening to Fail Us Not. I sang those words in complete FAITH — not basing those words on anything I see, but proclaiming their truth in FAITH that this situation is not hopeless, not over, and not inevitable. God is bigger than the battle!

So during this week of Thanksgiving, I want you to know I’m incredibly thankful for the song, Fail Us Not, and for each of your parts in recording it. Thank you for the website, the Bible study there, and the stories of encouragement. Thank you for being available vessels of God’s truth and hope. Thank you for encouraging me as nothing else has, except the Word of God itself. I would greatly appreciate you saying a prayer for the healing of our marriage, to the glory of God.

Thank you,
Wife & Mother of 3

I’m sure “Wife & Mother of 3” would love a prayer for their situation.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” -Colossians 3:16


Best Video Game Ever?

Okay, so last night I found myself staying up super late playing a game I hadn’t played in YEARS! Space Invaders. Yep, the one that sort of started it all. Crazy awesome game. Vintage and kind of 60s sci-fi scary sounds. This got me thinking: what is the best video game of all time? I have no idea, so I’m posing the question to you. What do you think it is?

Feel free to comment here on the blog, on my Facebook, the 1kG website, Twitter, whatever. There’s only 1 rule: you cannot say “Super Mario Bros.” That’s just too easy and honestly, I think most folks will say that. It is a really good game, but not the only 1 out there!

Take a second and think about this one! You could go all the way back to Pong, Missile Command, Legend of Zelda, or to something newer like Super Smash Bros or Halo.

What is the best video game ever?