Best Video Game Ever?

Okay, so last night I found myself staying up super late playing a game I hadn’t played in YEARS! Space Invaders. Yep, the one that sort of started it all. Crazy awesome game. Vintage and kind of 60s sci-fi scary sounds. This got me thinking: what is the best video game of all time? I have no idea, so I’m posing the question to you. What do you think it is?

Feel free to comment here on the blog, on my Facebook, the 1kG website, Twitter, whatever. There’s only 1 rule: you cannot say “Super Mario Bros.” That’s just too easy and honestly, I think most folks will say that. It is a really good game, but not the only 1 out there!

Take a second and think about this one! You could go all the way back to Pong, Missile Command, Legend of Zelda, or to something newer like Super Smash Bros or Halo.

What is the best video game ever?



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