Prayer Request For a Friend

During my sophomore year of college, I lost my voice for about 7 months because I had developed what is called “vocal nodes.” Basically, nodes are calluses on your vocal cords because of overuse/misuse/all the above. It was awful and I really spent quite a bit of time struggling with my identity and emotions (not being able to speak sort of makes you feel “locked in”). On the positive side, I did recover and quickly learned that I was not meant to be in a “scream-o” band (yes, something I was actually trying to do). 🙂

I have a dear friend named Traci who has been battling issues with her voice for some time now. She has scar tissue that keeps building up in her throat which causes her to be unable to speak and sometimes she even has difficulty breathing. She went into the ER the other day because of the situation and the doctors are considering removing her vocal cords altogether if something doesn’t change.

Would you join with me and pray for God to bring about complete restoration to her voice? Feel free to pass onto any prayer warriors you may know as well. I believe God is bigger than this situation and sees her. Many thanks…

Merry Christmas!


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