Most Awkward Shows

So, you (as an audience member) would hopefully never know it, but we have in fact, had some pretty rough shows. I’ll try and recount a few here for you as I’ve always wondered if other performers (actors, talk show hosts, musicians, etc…) have had similar experiences. These are in no particular order:

1) The One Where Lorin and I Wanted To Kill Each other: we were performing at a college and literally 5 minutes before we went on, Lorin (drummer for 1000 Generations) and I just started going at it. Who knows what it was about, but it was probably the biggest fight that any of us in the band had gotten into. I remember Alain (our bassist) trying to help out, which only made things worse, and the announcers introducing “Please welcome 1000 Generations!!” while we were ready to exchange knuckle-sandwiches. Thankfully, spending time in God’s presence during worship in this particular set really chilled us both out and we hugged afterward.

2) The One Where I Busted My Knee: we had just finished performing a great set (again at a college) and we ran offstage. It was dark and I couldn’t see that the fog machine on stage was leaking “fog juice” all over the floor. While running, I slipped and crashed my knee right into a brick wall. I couldn’t get up and was in so much pain. The audience was chanting “encore! encore!” and I couldn’t move. Amanda, Alain, and Lorin had to go on by themselves while I watched from the sidelines wincing. Thankfully, only 2 people from the audience saw me fall (and they continually like to affectionately remind me of how hilarious it was to see). BTW, I’ve also broken my foot (recently) and completely crashed while trying to hurdle some seats at a show.

3) The One Where Lorin Fell Off the Drum Throne: I’m pretty sure it was during his solo (which makes it funnier because all eyes were totally on him), but he leaned back and totally bit it. He’s a tall guy so his center of gravity isn’t quite as positive as say Amanda’s. I was amazed at how fast he recovered though and totally pulled it off like a pro. Maybe it’s because this wasn’t the first time this has happened to him…. 🙂

4) The Time Where I Was Stuck In the Bathroom: enough said.

5) The Time When the Union Workers Messed With Our Sound: Long story short, we were playing in front of our biggest crowd at the time (about 5,000) and the night before we had set up and spent a long time getting our sound just right. In the middle of the night, some employees of the venue messed with the sound controls on the board which made for an interesting show. We literally couldn’t hear anything, which was especially awful because Alain couldn’t make this show, so we had tracked the bass parts. We couldn’t hear him, so we had NO idea where we were! We probably looked like deer in headlights.

6) When Lorin Did a Drum Solo In a Bathroom: During one of our songs, “Skeletons Dance,” sometimes Lorin goes into the crowd to play on various objects. We were playing a larger venue with video cameras, so one of the cameramen was following Lorin around. He thought it would be funny to play a solo on one of the sinks in the men’s restroom. The cameraman followed until it became quite obvious that someone was in fact using the restroom at that exact moment. Lorin has also broken lighting fixtures and fallen off chairs himself while attempting to play various objects.

7) The Time When Half the Audience Thought They Were About To Hear the Band “Thousand Foot Crutch,” not “Thousand Generations”: totally different style of music. Tough crowd to win over.

8) And Finally…The Time When Amanda’s Top Fell Off: I don’t know if anyone saw it or not, but Amanda was running around with her guitar and her dress couldn’t quite keep up. That dress is now retired from live performances.

I’m sure there are many others, but nothing else comes to mind right now (or at least that I want to admit publicly). If you’d be willing, we’d love to hear some of your most embarrassing moments in life. All that to say, come out to a show sometime! Our heart and desire is truly to worship God and create an atmosphere where you can connect with Him, and also witness Lorin falling off his drum throne or something…

With love,


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn -the radio girl
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 13:13:59

    Hmm, I’ve witnessed quite a few interesting moments over the years. I’ve walked off the stage introing Rebecca St. James, thankfully landed on my feet and acted like I had planned to do that. “Ta Da.” Was doing an interview with Chris Tomlin, lost track of time, no one knew where we were and made him miss his set! A different artist handed me a key to his hotel room, told me we should “get together” later. He was married and knew I was as well. Creep. Thankfully he’s probably delivering pizzas now! Had a manager change his pants in front me while we were settling a show in the production office, seriously, did you forget I was in the room?

    Thankfully most of the people in this industry are humble, talented and amazingly committed to their faith and they’re walking the walk.


    • Steven Potaczek
      Jan 26, 2011 @ 01:55:18

      Wow Jenn!! Pants off and all! Whew. I have actually had that happen with another performer while my girlfriend at the time and MOTHER were in the room. Weird how people just think we’d love to see their boxers! 🙂


  2. Malcolm Paris
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 14:26:17

    I used to play in The Brave (Christian rock band from the early ’90s). We were doing a show at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. We were using a sub drummer, who had very little rehearsal time in, and we played with tracks. The tracks carried the keyboard and background vocals, (yeah I know, let’s hear the Jessica Simpson jokes, but you’d be surprised how many bands do that.) Anyway, the drummer has to run the machine that plays the tracks and also play along with a click track, which he had very little experience with. All of our songs had very heavy background vocals so having the tracks was essential. Well, the drummer couldn’t quite keep up with the click tracks, so the keyboards and background vocals were starting to get off really bad. We had to signal him to turn off the tracking machine, in which he did. Well as you can guess, we had to pull off the entire show with our own “unrehearsed” background vocals. Not quite the same. I’m not real sure if anyone noticed though, but I’m sure it sounded terrible. Lesson learned: Be prepared to really sing if you ever have to. Haha!


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