The Most Beautiful Music

Remember when people used to listen to music in their living rooms? They used to sit down on a comfy chair, plug in the oversized headphones, and EXPERIENCE the music. Sadly, those days are mostly gone and even I rarely just sit and listen. Nope, I find that almost all of my music listening happens in the car. Last week, I heard the most beautiful music happening in my car.

It didn’t come however from my iPod or the CD player. It came from my back seat. Let me explain: my little girl Stevie Lee just turned 9 months old and she absolutely loves to sing. She just makes these simple beautiful melodies that steal my heart. I know it probably sounds really trite and gushy, but I don’t care, it’s true! My heart melts when I hear her sweet, soft voice just making music. If she’s always in the car with me, I may never listen to another CD again!

Some of you are parents too. I’m learning to treasure these simple moments with my daughter and I wonder: what are the things that your little one does that takes your breath away?

Aurally blessed,


How To Play…

One of my favorite things to do is to play other artists’ music on piano or guitar (I’m a huge sucker for Elton John & Billy Joel). Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out how to play other peoples’ stuff though! I thought about this and didn’t want any 1000 Generations friends to experience this.

Specifically, if you’ve ever wondered how to play “Fail Us Not” or “Not of Our Hands,” we even created “How To…” videos on these songs. Here’s “How To Play ‘Fail Us Not'”.  Here’s “How To Play ‘Not Of Our Hands'”.

Have fun!

With love,

Behind the “Behind the Scenes”

You need to see this!!! Makes me smile every time: 

Have a terrific weekend!!


New Webisode From Lorin

Lorin Lemme, drummer for 1000 Generations, came up with this quite funny, yet quite true video I thought you might enjoy. We do miss it when we’re not out on the road worshipping and playing!!