The Most Beautiful Music

Remember when people used to listen to music in their living rooms? They used to sit down on a comfy chair, plug in the oversized headphones, and EXPERIENCE the music. Sadly, those days are mostly gone and even I rarely just sit and listen. Nope, I find that almost all of my music listening happens in the car. Last week, I heard the most beautiful music happening in my car.

It didn’t come however from my iPod or the CD player. It came from my back seat. Let me explain: my little girl Stevie Lee just turned 9 months old and she absolutely loves to sing. She just makes these simple beautiful melodies that steal my heart. I know it probably sounds really trite and gushy, but I don’t care, it’s true! My heart melts when I hear her sweet, soft voice just making music. If she’s always in the car with me, I may never listen to another CD again!

Some of you are parents too. I’m learning to treasure these simple moments with my daughter and I wonder: what are the things that your little one does that takes your breath away?

Aurally blessed,


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  1. Brianna Imeidopf
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 20:15:53

    Awwwww that is sooo adorable! My little sister Olivia just turned three, and trust me the time went by wayyy to fast. It’s like one moment she’s a little aby that you can hold in your arms and the next she’s a crazy toodler that can’t sit still for 2 minutes. Oh where does the time go?


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