1000 Generations’ Last 3 Songs

ImageAfter much prayer, thought, and conversation, we inform you today that 1000 Generations is coming to a close. While we’ve loved every minute of being on the road, pouring our hearts into the music, and worshiping our amazing God, we have slowly been realizing that we’re longing to go after other pursuits. Being on the road almost non-stop for 8 years hasn’t given us the freedom to do that.

This was not an easy decision for us to make. We love one another, love the music, and love you, our friends. In the coming weeks, I’m going to blog further about our decision and where we see things headed.

For now though, we wanted to share with you our latest material that we’ve been working on since the release of our last album, “Wrecked For the Ordinary.” We’re very proud of this material and wanted it to see the light of day. So, we’ve decided to release a very special EP (available online only) of our last 3 works. These songs are available as of today!

We invite you to take a listen and download “The Last 3 Songs” by simply clicking here. If you like them, share them with your friends and community. We want them to be an encouragement to all who’ll listen. The songs can be downloaded for free, but if you dig them, please consider leaving a tip.

Know that we’ll continue to play a few shows till the end of the year, and also have some upcoming “stories behind the songs” videos planned for our website. Most importantly, we want to thank YOU for being a friend of ours throughout the years. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and that you have allowed us and our music a place in your heart. We hope to stay in touch!

If you’d like, we invite you to share your favorite 1000 Generations songs, shows, and/or moments on Twitter by including @stevenpotaczek and #1000Generations in your post(s). We’ll also be posting our favorite moments and songs in the coming weeks and months.

Without further adue, click here for “The Last 3 Songs.”

With love,
Steven Andy Potaczek
1000 Generations


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