About Steven

I am privileged to lead my community in worship and oversee a team of gifted leaders, musicians, and artists for the purpose of glorifying God and communicating redemption to the world.

I grew up in a Catholic home. I went to a Catholic school and attended mass every Sunday, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I began to take the Christian faith seriously. There, I got involved in a Bible study at school (reluctantly at first, but there was free food involved) and quickly found that I wanted to know more. It was in that time and with those friends that I made the choice to yield my life to Christ. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I desire for others to experience God. It is the foundational reason my wife Amanda and I lead worship. Jesus said, “Keep open house! By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven” (Mt. 5:15-16). Music is the conduit through which I find intense beauty and honesty, so we all might be able to open up and experience God together. It’s also incredibly fun.

As a hobby, I love what I call “all forms of nerdery.” This includes video games, pinball machines, computers, audio gear, techy stuff, etc… I recently completed my Master’s of Science in Music Technology at Indiana University. On this blog, you’ll find the occasional tangential post about restoring old arcade games and whatnot, complete with a schematic or two. Hey, some people like golf, I like nerdery.

Finally, I am a freelance producer and session musician. I am humbled to serve other artists by helping them achieve their “musical vision.” Click here for a sampling of some of the stuff I’ve had the pleasure of working on recently.



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  1. Maria Vera
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 22:32:47

    Dear 1000 Generations,

    Your band has truly blessed my personal life, as well has blessed the youth in the church I attend. It is amazing how we try to follow your lead on practicing together to form a band and get along in the middle of all the midst, and above all Praise God. My brother is the leader of the band, he plays the piano. I am the lead singer in the band. My brother and I always try to bring new songs, but at times people get a bit out there because of it. What do you think we should do? My brother and I are just trying to bring the church to the next level, because we always talk about it but we have left it only in words.
    Another thing is that, my friend Adrien likes your band a lot. His birthday is on new years eve, he’ll be turning 16. His mom and I are planning something really special that he is not expecting it. We want to surprise him and bless him the same way that he has blessed his family, and my friendship with him. The only thing is that we dont have enough funds to offer you guys to come and perform. But I was thinking if somehow you may please call him or send an e-mail or anything for his birthday. I think that would truly shock him. If is not possible, I understand. But I know and strongly believe in a God that nothing is impossible for Him! 🙂
    Sorry for all of this honesty. I am jsut really happy that I finally found a way how to express this to you guys! I still keep safe and sound all the videos and pics from the performance you guys did at Camp Ladore, in Waymart PA, in our youth councils ’10. It was the best youth councils ever!!! :):)
    I will most certainly try to persuade my pastors to bring you guys for a youth activity. No promises. I truly think, pray, and hope you guys are just being blessed even more than the way you guys bless us.
    Well, I will be turning 19years old on 10-23. So doing this is like my self-present. Lol! Well, I truly hope that you guys may personally e-mail me. It would be an honor for me. Well, I must go to sleep cause I work tomorrow and have schools. But honestly I pray that God is your firm strong rock foundation. May He open up the heavens and just pour down the blessings upon each one of your lives! May He use you all to bring and proclaim salvation, life, healing to those that do not know or denies Him!
    Your blessedful friend! :):):)


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