Episode 41: The Story Behind “You Are Faithful”

Hear the heart behind the new song “You Are Faithful” from songwriter Amanda Lee Potaczek. You can download this song + 2 more for free at www.noisetrade.com/1000generations.



Why Exactly I’m Letting “1000 Generations” Go

Last week, I announced on Twitter and Facebook that 1000 Generations is coming to close. We also released “The Last 3 Songs” that we’ve been working on, for absolutely free on NoiseTrade (to download it, click here). This week, I’d like to explain why exactly I’m moving on.

Let me start by saying that I love our tribe of 1000 Generations so freaking much. This truly has nothing to do with some internal struggle in the band. Over the years, we have truly become a family. I know them inside and out, and they me. We will continue to do life and music together, just not as “1000 Generations.” The reason we’re moving on is a bit a hairball, but I will try to peel back some of the layers for you.

The most focused and happy I felt with the band was probably around the time of releasing our 2nd album, “To Those Who Cry.” It felt pure. It felt honest. It was life-giving. Somewhere along the way though, I started getting caught up in “bigger, better, stronger, faster.” This became especially apparent to me after we started seeing some chart success at radio.

Getting radio was such a blessing. Yet for me, it seemed like all I did for a while was watch the charts to see where we were. I started having good days or bad days depending on our rise or fall. I hated it, and wasn’t feeling very good about myself either.

Around the same time, I started producing other artist friends of mine. I was having SO much fun. I wanted to get into this more, but never could find enough time.

I also started having a strong desire to go back to school to work on a Master’s of Science in Music Technology. I have always loved the nerdy, tech side of music just as much as the creative, emotional side. But we were on the road almost all the time.

I started losing passion for touring because my once clear, God-given mission with the band started getting hazy. What were we supposed to be doing? We tossed around a lot of good ideas but without a clear directive from God, I knew we were just floundering doing our own thing. I didn’t like this idea at all, and I know the other guys didn’t either.

Finally, Amanda and I started having this crazy desire to procreate. We noticed the world differently. We saw “families” for the first time, and wondered what that might look like for the two of us! There really is something to the whole “biological clock” thing I think. Prior to this, we really poured as many of our waking hours solely into 1000 Generations. That was our family.

All this started adding up until the day came that I just asked Amanda, “are we really supposed to continue 1000 Generations?” We’d worked so hard to establish a dream in our hearts, so even the thought of quitting seemed ridiculous. But I couldn’t shake the feelings. “What if it’s time to let it go?” Scary thoughts.

Around December 2011, Amanda and I got together with the rest of the band, and asked them what they thought we should all do. After going round and round for a few hours, we all came to the conclusion that without clear directives from God, 1000 Generations doesn’t make sense. It was bittersweet. It still is.

So what are we going to do now? First, we’re going to finish out this year strong as a band. We are thrilled about the upcoming events left on our calendar, and plan to put out a few more videos and things here and there. Apart from that, we’re not really sure. I know that I want to produce more artists, and spend more time with my amazing family (I also have this secret desire to release a children’s project that parents wouldn’t actually mind playing on car trips because the music is creative and good). We’ll just have to wait and see.

If you haven’t already, be sure to share “The Last 3 Songs” with your friends because they’re completely free. We did this as a way to say that we love you and sincerely appreciate you as one of the many who’ve supported us and our music throughout the years.

Keep watching as next week Amanda will release a YouTube video here sharing her heart behind writing one of the songs on the free release, “You Are Faithful.”

With love,

1000 Generations’ Last 3 Songs

ImageAfter much prayer, thought, and conversation, we inform you today that 1000 Generations is coming to a close. While we’ve loved every minute of being on the road, pouring our hearts into the music, and worshiping our amazing God, we have slowly been realizing that we’re longing to go after other pursuits. Being on the road almost non-stop for 8 years hasn’t given us the freedom to do that.

This was not an easy decision for us to make. We love one another, love the music, and love you, our friends. In the coming weeks, I’m going to blog further about our decision and where we see things headed.

For now though, we wanted to share with you our latest material that we’ve been working on since the release of our last album, “Wrecked For the Ordinary.” We’re very proud of this material and wanted it to see the light of day. So, we’ve decided to release a very special EP (available online only) of our last 3 works. These songs are available as of today!

We invite you to take a listen and download “The Last 3 Songs” by simply clicking here. If you like them, share them with your friends and community. We want them to be an encouragement to all who’ll listen. The songs can be downloaded for free, but if you dig them, please consider leaving a tip.

Know that we’ll continue to play a few shows till the end of the year, and also have some upcoming “stories behind the songs” videos planned for our website. Most importantly, we want to thank YOU for being a friend of ours throughout the years. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and that you have allowed us and our music a place in your heart. We hope to stay in touch!

If you’d like, we invite you to share your favorite 1000 Generations songs, shows, and/or moments on Twitter by including @stevenpotaczek and #1000Generations in your post(s). We’ll also be posting our favorite moments and songs in the coming weeks and months.

Without further adue, click here for “The Last 3 Songs.”

With love,
Steven Andy Potaczek
1000 Generations

It’s ALIVE!! (post 4 of 4)

(a continuation from the previous blog post on Rebuilding An Arcade Game)

It works!

With the cab repainted, everything completely cleaned, and the control panel rebuilt, there were only a few things left to do! First, the marquee lighting wasn’t working, so I replaced the fluorescent bulb. That didn’t work so next I swapped out the old FS-2 starter with a new one. That did it.

Then I ordered a very nice 19″ LCD monitor to replace my screen burned CRT. The LCD is incredibly light compared to the CRT, and didn’t take much to hang (I just cut 2 pieces of wood to stretch across the cabinet).

I plugged in the screen to the game’s PCB to make sure things worked. To my delight, it did! It was so incredible seeing Pacman come up on the screen. I knew that no matter what happened from here on out, at least the game would power up!

Beautiful original glass

I wanted the cabinet to really shine so I went online and found the best looking original Centipede marquis and glass screen bezel I could find. They looked better than I could have hoped for (though admitting, cost more than I had hoped too).

Now came the part that took me the longest: wiring. Though I bought a wiring harness online, I needed to strip many of the 40+ wires at both ends. Then, I needed to make sure that all the wires were attached tightly to the inside of the cabinet. If the wires were loose inside, they could cause all sorts of problems.

Wiring up the control panel was very rewarding. Unfortunately, the trackball didn’t work when I wired it up. I couldn’t understand. I rebuilt the entire thing! What was wrong?! I couldn’t find ANYTHING on the internet saying what could be wrong.

Don't use the green...

get the red.

I want to be the first one (at least that I’ve seen) to post why an original Atari trackball WILL NOT work with the iCade 60-in-1 PCB: it’s the green PCBs in the trackball. For some reason, they just flat won’t work with the iCade. SO, I had to buy a new Happ red PCB (I realize this is tech-talk, but for anyone else out there who might be rebuilding one of these, I want to relate how to get it done). Once this came in the mail and I wired it up, everything worked great. Get the new red PCBs for the Atari trackball if you’re rebuilding — you can buy it here.

In the process of all this wiring, I’ve learned how to use a soldering iron pretty well! That was cool for me, as I hadn’t had much experience with one before.

Power for monitor

The last piece of wiring that I wanted to do was get the power supply for the monitor to plug into the power supply so I’d only have to have 1 power cord coming out the back of the cabinet. A little scary for me considering that I was working with a full 120v. Yikes! After a quick stop at Home Depot, I had all the tools I needed to wire it up. After I double-checked the voltage rating with my new multimeter (another new tool I’ve acquired in the process of rebuilding this game), I plugged in the monitor and……success!

All finished. I closed the back up and switched it on. Everything works flawless & the cabinet looks great! I’m really proud of myself as I’m not one that is usually all that good with this sort of thing. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to 1) learn how these old games actually worked, and 2) actually own an arcade game! On the downside, my initial $20 investment inflated rather quickly, but I’m glad I did it. What a great 2 weeks for me. I can’t wait to invite the guy who originally sold me the game to come over and play! He’s gonna kick himself. 😉

All in all, I spent around 45 hours on the game. Not bad. Below I’m including a bunch of images of the finished game in my garage. If you’re ever in the area, drop me a line and let’s play it out. I’m getting quite good at Burgertime, Centipede, and Donkey Kong (1, 2, & 3)! Thanks for reading! I’ve really enjoyed sharing the process with you.

With love,







Before... (old CRT)

After (new LCD)

New Album!

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know that 1000 Generations’ new EP “Wrecked For the Ordinary” is available now for only $4.99 at www.1000generations.com! The album contains the new radio single “It Could Be Me.” Hope you love it!


The Story Behind the Song “It Could Be Me”

Hey friends, thought you might enjoy hearing a bit of background on the new single!

Filming a Music Video

So, some of you may know that we are about to release the first single off our upcoming album: “Wrecked For the Ordinary.” “It Could Be Me” hits radio stations on July 15th. In the meantime, we shot a music video for the song yesterday.

Honestly, I strongly dislike most music videos. When I go to workout at the gym, they play constant videos featuring content that usually has almost nothing to do with the actual song. Actually, most of the time it’s some girl’s big butt wagging in front of the camera with shots of some sweaty guys head banging, or some dude driving a 5.0 wearing a LOT of gold chains. 😉 Back in 2009 when we were told that we had to shoot a video for “Fail Us Not,” I said, “we’ll only do it if it actually serves the song well, and can stand on its own as something powerful and life-giving to people.” I’m very proud of what came out (“Fail Us Not” can be viewed by clicking here).

I took the same philosophy for this song as well. I wasn’t interested in creating something that couldn’t stand on its own; something that 10 years from now, we would still be proud of. I can’t wait to show you the output! Without giving away the whole video, I’m hopeful that it will serve to be used to inspire and create compassion.

The only thing I will share for now is that we did a shot out in an open field of us playing (no, we don’t usually play by ourselves in golden fields but it was a gorgeous backdrop to show how we play the song). Trouble for us was, this field was RAVAGED with mosquitoes. I cannot even begin to tell you how much “Off” we are wearing in that shot. Seriously, we are DRENCHED in it.

In between takes, we were running all over that field, swatting mosquitoes away from our eyes. The 1-2 punch of sweat and “Off” made for a strong passion to hurry up and finish the shot so we could get home and shower! Even now, I am itching my arms and back.

Though you’ll never see those pesky insects on camera (they are just too small), know that every shot of this upcoming video was done with passion! We really want it to be amazing!

“It Could Be Me” (the song) will be available for purchase at iTunes July 15th. The video will be out on August 2nd.

Happily showered,

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