We Can Make A Difference (or “It Could Be Me”)

One person really can make a difference. In August 2011, the band 1000 Generations released this video for their song “It Could Be Me” (from their critically acclaimed EP “Wrecked For the Ordinary”). Both the song and video are born from the belief in the power of simply doing something.

To read the lyrics, buy the video and/or mp3, and find out more about 1000 Generations, please visit www.1000generations.com.


The Story Behind the Song “It Could Be Me”

Hey friends, thought you might enjoy hearing a bit of background on the new single!

Filming a Music Video

So, some of you may know that we are about to release the first single off our upcoming album: “Wrecked For the Ordinary.” “It Could Be Me” hits radio stations on July 15th. In the meantime, we shot a music video for the song yesterday.

Honestly, I strongly dislike most music videos. When I go to workout at the gym, they play constant videos featuring content that usually has almost nothing to do with the actual song. Actually, most of the time it’s some girl’s big butt wagging in front of the camera with shots of some sweaty guys head banging, or some dude driving a 5.0 wearing a LOT of gold chains. 😉 Back in 2009 when we were told that we had to shoot a video for “Fail Us Not,” I said, “we’ll only do it if it actually serves the song well, and can stand on its own as something powerful and life-giving to people.” I’m very proud of what came out (“Fail Us Not” can be viewed by clicking here).

I took the same philosophy for this song as well. I wasn’t interested in creating something that couldn’t stand on its own; something that 10 years from now, we would still be proud of. I can’t wait to show you the output! Without giving away the whole video, I’m hopeful that it will serve to be used to inspire and create compassion.

The only thing I will share for now is that we did a shot out in an open field of us playing (no, we don’t usually play by ourselves in golden fields but it was a gorgeous backdrop to show how we play the song). Trouble for us was, this field was RAVAGED with mosquitoes. I cannot even begin to tell you how much “Off” we are wearing in that shot. Seriously, we are DRENCHED in it.

In between takes, we were running all over that field, swatting mosquitoes away from our eyes. The 1-2 punch of sweat and “Off” made for a strong passion to hurry up and finish the shot so we could get home and shower! Even now, I am itching my arms and back.

Though you’ll never see those pesky insects on camera (they are just too small), know that every shot of this upcoming video was done with passion! We really want it to be amazing!

“It Could Be Me” (the song) will be available for purchase at iTunes July 15th. The video will be out on August 2nd.

Happily showered,